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          "You Can Start Late And Still Retire A Millionaire.
             Here Is How To Make Sure You Are One Of Them."

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The (4) Steps to Investment Success !
Step 1. Become a Fund Trading Member:
             a. Sign-up for a monthly, quarterly or 6 month subscription.
Step 2. Review the Easy to Follow Buy or Sell Market Signals
            a. Sign-in and the current Signals and Newsletter will be
Step 3. Select your Funds and Trading Strategy
            a. Choose investment type: ETF, Mutual Funds, etc.
                (We have selected the best for each Model Portfolio).
            b. Select a Trading Strategy: Long, Long and Short, etc.
                (We have an easy to follow Model Portfolio for each Strategy).
Step 4. Place your Trades or send them to your broker
             a. Out of time, have your advisor or broker make your trades.
After placing your trades,  just watch your e-mail for the daily Market Update and weekly Fund Trading Newsletter. You will always be sent a Market Alert e-Mail when there is a Signal change from the Market Trend Trading System. 
The Fund Trading Newsletter subscription includes our Trading System Service, which recommends when to Buy or Sell along with the Editor's Recommendations. Trades can be made by yourself or you can send the order to your broker.
Our goal is simple, to teach you how to be a better investor by providing you the right trading information to consistently make money in the stock market!

 Why Become A Fund Trading Member?
The markets are designed to accommodate institutional stock traders who control about 90% of public trading. These professional traders are who you compete with on every trade, and they are supported with superior information and trend trading systems.

The problem is institutional grade trading systems can cost several hundred thousand dollars to create and professional trading experience can take years to develop.

The Fund Trading Solution: We will "Empower Your Trading" by bringing the information and knowledge used by the professional trader to you in the form of a low cost service.

As you can see from the Fund Trading Performance Section the potential profit for the individual investor is enormous! You can increase your returns 15%, 25% or even 50% or more.

The Fund Trading System includes... the Fund Trading Newsletter, Market Alerts, Market Trend Trading System Service and FundTrading Web Site. 

The Market Trend Trading System is a professional stock market Trading System that indicates changes in the intermediate market cycle. It is unique in its use of state of the art Adaptive Technology which allows it to automatically adjust to changing markets.
A successful adaptive stock trading system has been the ultimate industry goal for many years. I know of no other system available to the general public that has achieved this level of success. Most systems are unbalanced showing a great return one year and a loss the next because they are not true adaptive systems.
Our research has demonstrated that intermediate stock market cycles offer the highest returns as well as being the most predictable. Using historical data we are achieving better than 80% winning trades on most Funds along with outstanding Bear Market protection.
The intermediate cycle averages a change in direction every 3 months, but can vary from a few weeks to many months depending on current market conditions. Being able to automatically change to varying cycles and to their intensity is what makes our system unique.
The Market Trend Trading System is offered as a service included with your subscription to the Fund Trading Newsletter. As a service, we maintain and run the Market Trend Trading System.
The trading signals it provides are straight-forward to use. It was designed for those who do not have the time, patience or expertise to wade through the complexities of developing and managing a successful Trend Trading System.

 The (3) Signal Types

The Market Trend Trading System provides easy to follow signals that are applied to the many diversified Stock Index Funds that we track. 
The Market Trend Trading System, depending on market conditions will issue a Buy, Sell, or Cash Signal.
     Buy Signal: Indicates the Fund is trending higher. Buy a Long
     Position the next trading day. If you were Shorting the stock market, first
     cover your Short Position.
     Sell Signal: Indicates the Fund is trending lower. Sell your Long
     Position the next trading day. Take a Short Position to profit from
     a down trending Fund.
     Cash Signal: This signal works as a stop order, which is used to
     protect your principal by managing risk. Sell your Positions and
     wait until the next Buy or Sell Signal is issued.
You will always be sent an e-mail Market Alert when there is a Signal change.  
      It's Easy...just Select your Stock Funds and Trading Strategy!
You only need to select the Stock Index Funds and Trading Strategy that you wish to trade. 
The How to Trade Section will provide you with step by step instruction.
Just review our Model Portfolios, which track the Major Market Indexes such as the Nasdaq 100, Russell 2000, S&P 500, Gold and Bond Funds as well as major International and Sector Funds. Individual Stock and Option investments that correlate to the indexes can also be used.
The Funds Section and Performance Section will also provide you with the additional information you may need to select your Stock Index Funds and Trading Strategy.
After making your selections; Trading can be accomplished by yourself or through your broker.
One or two hours of initial set-up and fifteen minutes a week is all it should take to create and maintain your own successful Fund Trading Strategy.
Daily Market Updates and the Weekly Fund Trading Newsletter Teach You How To Become A Better Trader!
Every trading day you will be e-mailed a Market Update and on Friday night you will receive the Fund Trading Newsletter. These will provide you with a stock market summary including how market changes may impact your investments and what trading strategy to use right now!
A Market Alert e-mail is sent to you whenever the Market Trend Trading System (which is run daily after market close), detects a change to the funds indicating whether to Buy or Sell investments.
The "Funds Section" and the members only "How to Trade Section" will assist you in developing your complete Fund Trading Strategy.
The information we send you in the weekly Fund Trading Newsletter and daily Market Updates can provide you with the discipline and  technical analysis that an Institutional Trader would often use to control risk and increase profits in today's volatile markets.
Take Control of your Financial Future...

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