Our Strategy

      The Fund Trading Strategy Is based on Four Principles 
            1. Creating a Portfolio for Growth

         2. Protecting Principal during Corrections

         3. Profiting in Up or Down Markets

         4. Appling a Method of Trading Discipline to
             Control Emotions
You will benefit from the Fund Trading Strategy if you are looking
for additional income, saving for retirement or wanting to increase
the returns on your retirement savings.
The Fund Trading System was developed to provide you an easy way to successfully implement the Fund Trading Strategy.
The Fund Trading System includes the Fund Trading Newsletter, Market Alerts, Market Trend Trading System Service and supporting Web Site. 
Our long term analysis of trading has shown the most successful portfolios excel in two key areas:
          1. The correct composition of the portfolio to allow above average
              growth during bull markets. FundTrading's research will teach you
               which portfolios offer the best returns for your needs.
          2. The reduction in the dramatic loss of principal during
              corrections as a result of using Trading Systems and utilizing
              Trading Strategies to profit during Bear Markets. Fund Trading's
              use of Bear Funds in down markets can increase overall returns
              approximately 30%.
To highlight the difficulty of recovering from a large loss in principal the following table shows the mathematics of declines, and the advance required to get back to breakeven:
       Decline Amount     Advance Required to Breakeven

                  25%               -                               33%  

                  50%               -                             100%  
                  75%               -                             300%



3. The Fund Trading Strategy Profits in Up or Down Markets!
The Fund Trading System uses an Active Investment Strategy. Investors and traders have turned to an active investment strategy to revive their stock market returns, replenish their retirement accounts or to allow for earlier retirement.
About one-third of working adults are delaying their retirement due to low savings. Those aged 55 and up cite poor investments as the main reason.
When we look at past history, we realize it can take 10 years or more using a Buy and Hold strategy to recover from a severe market downturn.
Since 2000, these down turns have become more common. Most people, especially those close to retirement can not wait 10 years to breakeven.
Fund Trading provides you with the knowledge and information to profit from these volatile markets.
4. "The Market can only be Tracked, but Fear & Greed can be Predicted"
Good traders are not born! They learn to become successful traders through years of steady trading experience, often as an Institutional Trader, learning trading discipline and technical analysis. This allows them to react objectively to what the market is doing.
In reality, most investors buy high and sell low, and this cycle, driven by fear and greed keeps repeating itself. This is known as crowd psychology. 
Approximately 80% of the risk from a Stock or Stock Fund is from Market Risk! This means when the market cycles down, 80% of the Stocks will also go down. This is like swimming up stream against the current, even the strongest swimmers will quickly tire and drift with the downward current. 
However, this cycle creates an opportunity to profit, for those investors who track the cycles using our Market Trend Trading System, allowing you to buy low and sell high.
Fund Trading can also help you learn how to reduce the emotional factors associated with trading.
The Fund Trading System is available to you as a newsletter service; it was designed for those who do not have the time, patience or expertise to wade through the complexities of developing a successful Trading Strategy. One or two hours of initial set-up and fifteen minutes a week is all it should take to maintain your Fund Trading Strategy.
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