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It's Easy To Get Started!

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                 The (4) Steps To Investment Success !
Step 1  Step 2   Step 3  Step 4
Subscribe to  Fund Trading
Review Buy/Sell Signals
Select Fund & Strategy  Place Trade
Step 1. Become a Fund Trading Member:
             a. Sign-up for a monthly or one year subscription
Step 2. Review the Easy to Follow Buy or Sell Market Indicator
            a. Sign-in and the current Signal and Newsletter will be
               displayed or read the most recent e-mail from FundTrading
               for the current Signal
Step 3. Select your Funds and Trading Strategy
            a. Choose investment type: ETF, Mutual Funds, Stocks/Options
                (We have selected the best for each Model Portfolio)
            b. Select a Trading Strategy: Long, Long and Short, etc.
                 (We have an easy to follow Model Portfolio for each Strategy)
Step 4. Place your Trades or send them to your broker
After placing your trades,  just watch your e-mail for your weekly Fund Trading Newsletter. In addition, you will always be sent a Market Alert E-Mail when there is a Signal change from the Market Trend Trading System. 

              Complete Step by Step Instructions are available
                           in the How To Trade Section

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