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“The Market Trend Trading System gives you the ability...
                                                             to Build and Preserve Wealth.”
A Trading System is a method of trading using computer generated Buy and Sell Signals based on indicators that have been proven by testing against years of real time and historical data.
A consistent and objective trading system increases your returns while reducing the risk and emotional issues commonly associated with trading.
How was the Market Trend Trading System successfully developed?
By investing over 1,400 hours in research and development time using modern computer modeling. Non-emotional mathematical formulas were applied against large market data sets to determine the best trading system design for the Market Trend Trading System.
Success was achieved where others had failed by using formulas in new and creative ways.  By keeping an open mind, I was able to build perhaps one of the greatest trading systems ever developed. 
To confirm it's qualities and results, I did not release my service to my friends and clients until it successfully completed 20 years of historical testing and over a year of real world testing. During the testing, which included "out of sample testing" the system excelled as it automatically adapted to different market types. 
With over a year of real world testing the system performed even better than expected, with 100% profitable trades.
What I was able to demonstrate through our Research and Trading System testing is by being able to miss the lows of the market you are able to achieve better returns because it protects your principal. It's simple math, this strategy gives you more money to apply to the upturns.
As you probably have experienced the biggest down days tend to be much worse and happen much quicker than the best up days. The fact is, down markets fall or change about 8 times faster compared to markets that are going up. The Market Trend Trading System tells us if it is a real correction or just a temporary easing of the market. 
The Market Trend Trading System uses technical analysis to detect broad market direction changes that are applied to the major Indexes.
The Nasdaq 100, Russell 2000, S&P 500, S&P 400, Gold and Bond Funds as well as key International Funds and Sector Funds perform exceptionally well with the Market Trend Trading System.
The Trading System uses numerous indicators to manage risk as well as position investments to profit from the intermediate market cycle.
The unique adaptive technology in the Market Trend Trading System is applied to market trend indicators, which are reinforced by supporting and independent indicators. The market always has an underlying trend. When a change in trend or direction is detected and confirmed, a Signal is sent.
Although you can never be 100% right...our percentage of correct trades is exceptional at over 80% on most Funds, because the Market Trend Trading System reacts to confirmed market moves before issuing a Buy or Sell Signal.
This keeps your returns high and the risk low.

The Trading System is designed to:

  • Excel at Return on Investment
  • Preserve Principal by Avoiding Major Market Price Declines
  • Position Assets for the Market Cycle
The Signals that you will receive for the Nasdaq 100, Russell 2000, S&P 500, S&P 400, Sector Funds and International Funds can be used to Trade the following Investment Vehicles:
  • Exchange Traded Funds (ETF)
  • Mutual Funds
  • Individual Stocks 
  • Stock Options
Fund Trading focuses on Funds over individual
stocks because they will make up the vast majority
of the average portfolio and they offer many
advantages, including professional stock selection,
diversification and convenience
along with trends that are highly predictable.
Individual Stocks and Options can also be used to
round out the remainder of your portfolio.
Our Model Portfolios demonstrate what we believe are one
of the best investment vehicles for both professional money
managers and individual investors.
They are index-based Exchange Traded Funds (ETF),
developed to facilitate modern active trading strategies.
These ETFs were designed to correlate with the indexes
used by the Model Portfolios in both Bull and Bear markets.  
   “Technical Analysis tells us what the market is actually doing.”
We primarily use Technical Analysis versus Fundamental Analysis because it gives a more focused view of the overall market and the Indexes.
Fundamental analysis looks at economic data and company information that is publicly available. Technical analysis focuses on the markets, stocks and the psychology of the participants.
Applying mathematical models to vast data sources allows us to provide an objective view of the data to be used for trading.
An analogy of this would be the streets of New York City. When driving down a street for the first time it can be very difficult to know where you are traveling. But from 2,000 feet above the city you can clearly see the car, where the streets are leading and the best streets to travel to bypass traffic and other obstacles.
The technical analysis in the Market Trend Trading System provides this same type of clarity of the data. It tells us what the market is actually doing, versus what people think the market is doing.
“There is money to be made, it just requires discipline and patience.”
Our Market Trend Trading System focuses on price, volume, volatility and their history in an effort to determine current and future trends. In other words, the direction prices are moving. 
Also considered is investor psychology which tends to respond the same way to similar market situations.
Fund Trading provides complete Model Portfolios with Step-By-Step Instruction in the How To Trade Section.  

                       Portfolios for Exchange Traded Funds

  Portfolio 1   Conservative   Long Only
  Portfolio 2   Growth   Long and Short
  Portfolio 3   Aggressive   Long with Margin
  Portfolio 4   Speculative   Long & Short w/ Margin
                              Portfolios for Mutual Funds
  Portfolio A   Conservative   Long Only
  Portfolio B   Growth   Long and Short
  Portfolio C   Aggressive   Long with Margin
  Portfolio D   Speculative   Long & Short w/ Margin

Please visit the Funds Section and How To Trade Section for portfolio detail including step by step trading instruction. 

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