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Letter from the Editor

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   Fund Trading brings the Information and Knowledge used
            by the Institutional Trader to the Trading Public 
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Fund Trading publishes a weekly trading Newsletter with daily Market Updates for investors that desire to take an active role in their own financial future.
They aspire to ascend to the elite group of traders who are consistently winning in the stock market and building their wealth. At the same time, they have a strong need to protect their money from the stock market corrections that have ravaged the markets since early 2000.
The markets are designed to accommodate the Institutional Traders who control over 80% of public trading. These professional traders are who you compete with on every trade, and they are supported with superior information and trend trading systems.
Making matters worse for the individual investor, many of the large traditional brokerage houses are reducing client support. They continue to move more of their customers to large call centers where each broker has responsibility for an ever larger number of clients.
At the same time brokers are under greater pressure to increase the commissions they generate. It’s no wonder so many people have had a negative experience with a stock broker.
  Institutional Traders use Sophisticated Trend Trading Systems 
                                                                         ...Now You Can Too! 
The goal of Fund Trading is straightforward, to bring the information and knowledge used by the professional trader to the general trading public.
As an advocate for the individual investor, Fund Trading understands the challenges you face. We have designed a service based on our Market Trend Trading System that can be used regardless of your trading experience, and it is included with a subscription to our Newsletter.
We have a former Multi-Billion Dollar Money Manager on our staff to ensure our philosophy of bringing the knowledge of the institutional Investor to our subscribers.
Whether using Exchange Traded Funds, Mutual Funds, Stocks, or Options, we will provide you with the discipline and technical analysis that an Institutional Trader may use to control risk while increasing profit in up or down markets.
An Institutional Investor would never trade without a sophisticated and analytically sound trend trading system, why should you?
             Fund Trading's Goal: “Empower the Individual Investor” 
The Newsletter and e-Mail Alerts are based on the proprietary Market Trend Trading System, which uses quantitative analysis to provide Buy and Sell indicators for the major Indexes. It’s a cutting edge trading system designed to support active portfolio management.
Investors and Traders have turned to active management to revive their stock market returns, replenish their retirement accounts and to allow for earlier retirement.
When we look at past history, we quickly realize it can take 10 years or more using a Buy and Hold strategy to recover from a severe stock market downturn.
Since 2000, these downturns have become more common. Most people, especially those close to retirement can not wait 10 years to breakeven and are now taking an active role in their own financial future.
   Wall Street in early 2000 only rated 2% of stocks a sell.
The roots of Fund Trading date back to 1996 with my early work on trading systems. I achieved success in 1998 and 1999 when I increased my annual returns to 103% and 99% respectively.
However, a key principle of Fund Trading came about in March of 2000, when a sell signal led me to close out a large position of Microsoft (MSFT) stock options, a week before the stock crashed. This reinforced the value of protecting your principal from large downturns.
It's called the success of not losing. Avoiding large losses is more important than hitting the best trading days. It is a matter of mathematics, since you will have more principal to apply to the upturns.
The impetus to bring Fund Trading to life was not only to continue to grow my own portfolio but to help others. I watched many of my friends and colleagues struggle after receiving poor advice from acquaintances, friends, relatives, brokers and advisors. We have all received poor advice, but what is important is being able to determine that it is poor advice. 
      “Fund Trading Will Teach You To Become A Disciplined Trader"
Up until the 1990’s, it was believed the stock markets were completely efficient and no one could profit from its inefficiencies. But inexpensive computer power changed this perception as a number of equity Hedge Fund active managers using cutting edge computer trading systems started to have success exploiting the markets.
Investing the money from wealthy clients, the most successful Hedge Funds were achieving annual returns as high as 70% with long term averages of 20% to 25% a year. Compare these returns to the negative or low returns of the market indexes in the last 20 years and you can see why Hedge Funds are able to charge large fees. Hedge Funds often charge a 2% annual fee on your principal and keep 20% of your returns.
But many Hedge Funds have become so large they now have the same problem as Mutual Funds. They can no longer completely hedge or exit their long or short holdings when their trading systems recommend it, which drags down their returns. As an Individual Investor you have the flexibility to move your money out of harms way, which is a key reason why you can excel using the Fund Trading System.
The concept for Fund Trading was confirmed, as it became clear the stock market could be beat consistently with the education and the knowledge our Trend Trading System provides.
I invite you to subscribe to Fund Trading, so you can become a member of the successful traders that have learned how to profit by using cutting edge technology to consistently beat the stock market!
Fortunately, with Fund Trading on your side, it will only take a limited amount of your time and energy to meet your investment goals.

Please continue to the Fund Trading Strategy page to learn more about how we can help you achieve financial freedom.

Roger C. Britton
Editor & Publisher
FundTrading.com, LLC
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